Welcome S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s!

This is a managed mega-mod for Shadow of Chernobyl by GSC GameWorld that uses a different approach to coding and code management.


It started in April of 2010 and has grown to include: most of Naradnaya Solyanka, The Collector Treasure Hunt, Arena Expansion, many utilities and of course new Dynamic Content by TecnoBacon.


The idea is to give players a versatile STABLE game while allowing mod makers to focus on enhancements and additions and NOT FIXES!


What are You waiting for STALKER?



NEW ---- Feb 22, 2014 ---

Version 109940 is now in BETA. See below.

ZEP - Zone Expansion Project Global Layout,

Final layout over a blank background to easily see the positions of the 39 surface levels. 53 levels in all!



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All downloads are available from the repository, link is in left panel.

We are currently at BETA version - Feb 22, 2014.

Patch - June 6, 2014

Installed in addition to the files.

MiniPatch - Dec 31, 2014

Patch Info here


Download the files ONE at a time as the cloud seems to have issues with batch downloads.

After downloading the files (.001 thru .011), use 7zip to extract the .001 file and the rest will be added automatically. The resultant .db files replace the SOC .db files, updates/patches are contained in the .dbn file that is downloaded and unzipped separately.

Detailed installation instructions here.



Version is a monumental step in the expansion of the Zone. There are now 53 playable levels with over 2 gigabytes of additional content.

You MUST start a new game; prior saves to 109940 will NOT work as the game.graph is different.

Several things are different now:

Collector level-up (level 1) happens at the end of Dead City, Collector Treasure Hunt is a side quest to the Collector story line.

The entire NS (STALKER level 0) is separated from the Collector level within the code now for a great optimization in Collector free play.

The new db set has been broken down into groups; all of which are under 1 gig in file size. These groups allow custom sky, shader, environment and sound packs to be easily switched in and out.

The final file in the set (.dbn) contains all of the files that I will be working on so only it will be needed to be downloaded again when updates are posted. 


Please be kind, there are over 4,000 characters and a vast number of files to manage and maintain. On top of that is the fact that many of the new levels were never completed and some have bad geometry. I have dealt with the game crashers and really bad renderings, but there is still much to do before it can really be considered done. I have received some help with tools and graphics but not alot, also from the Dialog Improvement Project which I am incorporating; thanks go out to you guys.

Installation is the same except now the db set will be:

Gamedata.db0 thru .db7 ---- Levels, .db7 also contains: ai, anims, shaders, .xr files and game.graph

Gamedata.db8 thru .db9 --- Meshes

Gamedata.dba thru .dbc ---- Sounds

Gamedata.dbd thru .dbf -----Textures: Characters, fonts, misc.

Gamedata.dbg thru .dbh ---- Textures:  Arsenal

Gamedata.dbi thru .dbj ------ Textures: Sky

Gamedata.dbk thru .dbm --- Textures: Environment

Gamedata.dbn ----------------- Update file: Scripts, config, spawns

Gamedata.dbn1 --------------- Patch file: Latest mini-patch files

There are some known issues I need to warn you about:

There are many creatures and zombies that are allowed to travel between levels; this is causing path errors on some of them when they spawn which makes them stay in one place until they are disturbed. (This will take adding home paths to their logic so again it will take time).

I am only started on the existing and new character dialogs in the Collector so there will be many cases where characters will still have dialog from NS. You may also get items in your inventory on level spawns as rewards to completed NS quests. (This will be a long term project and will coincide with the Dialog Improvement Project).

The Global Map is the one I have been using for development; it and the mini-maps are going to be redone in the next editing phase so please no comments.

Patch 2 is the result of all you that participated in the initial BETA phase and extreme thanks go out to you! We are now very stable and have almost everything resolved. Now I will focus on optimization to improve performance as well as add continuing content for the Collector free play level-up.

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